So begins another spring, green leaves and of berries,
chiff-chaff eggs are painted by mother bird eating cherries...

Ryan told me "I was looking for you, it said you sat on the same bench for five hours"
This is where I'll be if you need me. 

Not to become a Do's and Don'ts guy, but Tino has been into some new
levels do's gear lately.

a Queen Amidala tie-dye, no big deal

This sandwich place is where Autumn used to be and it's very tasty... I also liked to remember
that a few winters ago I practically lived there.

Then I went to Bowery Ballroom to see the late Will Oldham show. 
(editors note: by 'late' I mean that there were two shows and not that he's dead)

He is so amazing to me,  he played classic songs such as "Idea and Deed" and "I Am Still
What I Meant to Be"  which I have plagiarized on two occasions for the links here.  He also
did a cover of Chuck Berry's Memphis Tennessee and... well he played a lot of great songs. 

a punctured bicycle

Then at Torture Rico, Tino loses 'do' points for having the shirt on inside out

Manute is back from Canada!

Stand for the Demon of Fire, wilder wilder wilder

Tony and I went to the bar Morrisey Park

I keep all my cards at my chest without playing
the ones that I knew, I was all this while saving
and rarely refered to it, rarely gave clues
that I had the deep sickness I tried not to choose

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