I went and visited Regan at his hotel room at the Rivington.  That's this kinda uber looking
hotel a block from my apartment... He noticed that the people in the building next door
can fully watch you take a shower. 

Project Matt had asked Manute and I to dj this party for WE clothing...
originally Stretch Armstrong was supposed to do it, but he canceled and we were his
replacements (yeah i know).  We showed up at the club it was packed with hip-hop fans,
and the dj booth was on this balcony and everyone was looking up at the guy and he was
scratching and beat matching and stuff.  And then it was our turn to go on, we were both kinda
scared shitless, like that scene in Tommy Boy when Chris Farley and David Spade were
pretending to be stewardesses, or like that dream where you're at school in your underwear.

Basically we lagged real hard and let the other guy keep dj'n and then when we started we held
the ipod real low and played songs from the old Plan B videos. 

Harold and I both dressed as lumberjacks

these guys sure like to talk... why not give them a microphone?

this is Project Matt and not Project Pat as stated in Manute's Myspace bulletin

Sean pounding the Henn dog

as the radio plays Roy Orbison singing for the lonely
hey that's me, and I want you only