this place has good donuts and samosas

we were staying with Jen

A lizard came into her house and climbed up the wire...

I think the cat had bit off it's tail and it was trying to grow it back

I put it on a magazine and put it outside

there little buddy, you are free!

much to the bummer of the cat

the next day I went to the Skatepark of Austin... it was raining

this is how all skaters dress in Texas

Brandon was there

and Michael

skatepark parking lot

Ironic shirt Mrs Yoko Ono

I only saw two bands at SXSW... Morrissey and Hightower.  I would have gone to more but I
didn't have a badge or a wristband or anything.  My only regret is not seeing Roky Erickson. 


the last night I stayed at Wombat's house...  This is a bottle of Bodom Lake water!

so epic

piles for miles

Weibs took me to the airport

I ran into Kendra there

and if you are chilly Millie, it is okay
you've got enough blankets to warm you in some way
the chill reminds me soon that some other one will swoon