today we took a train out to a town famous for it's castles and cakes...

the cakes were deleachay

"There's a castle! Up there, on top of that hill!  (the camera is all the way zoomed in) I bet we can walk there!"

this is after a million steps... still far away

maybe we should get off the road and take a short cut!

"that sign says 'perigo- danger,' let's ignore it.

there are actual clouds up here

we got to this cliff after hours and there were actually guys up here with climbing gear and helmets...

how bummed would you be if you climbed a mountain all day just to be greeted by us...

if you rolled off this rock you'd die

getting close!  We only have to climb up another 50 feet of solid cliff....


"Ben, climb up here!  It's only 20x scarier than down there"

Ben was actually shaking

fuck this... we give up

and we climbed back down... you really can't tell how steep this all is

I think this is Tiago's house, we were afraid to buzz (there was actually a buzzer in the middle of the woods)

scaling the fence out... Tino was very close to re-latering his ankle

Ben almost got a spear up his butt

I turned a corner and died laughing at this.

GNR this way...

another bad sign

I've been in there before... those are giant stoves I think

and the windowpanes are splintered and shattered
with a crumbled dog on every landing
and every stranger cowers
the dress is torn, the tone demanding

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