That day was Easter... egg hunting at the TF

then in the evening Athena and Andre made a Taco dinner at Tino's

this has been Tino's view for like two weeks

Meryl came dressed as Jesus

cast guitar

Athena's camera was messed up, so she borrowed mine, 
she had a "who can stick out their tounge the least" contest

Happy Easter!

Do you really like Kate Bush? I'm not surprised. The nicest thing I could say about her is that she's unbearable.
That voice! Such trash! You'll learn, Sonny. Have you noticed I've called you 'Sonny' three time? Does it annoy you at all?
Please answer. You ask, in your usual mesmerizing manner 'Why do we slag each other?'. Well, you're such an easy touch!
No, seriously (who's joking?), YOU encourage it. I'm usually such a pleasant, undemanding soul really.
Are you married? Such a silly question!!!

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