On what was to be my last morning in Greece... the car that was supposed to take me to the airport was late.  There were protests blocking all the streets.

amazingly I got a photo of the Anarchy Dog!  I didn't know about him till after I got home and was very excited finding him in my pictures

I got to the airport 45min before take off, but missed the cut off, they told me I was too late, but I know they just gave my ticket away.
I thought I had a perfect excuse for being late, I mean, the protests were even on the front page of the American news.

So I had one of those hellish days where I sat in an airport for 10 hours.  I was waiting to find out if I was going to be booked on a new flight
or whether I was going to go back to the hotel. 
The airline wanted $700 to change my flight.  I didn't have it. 

I hadn't slept the night before even, so I slept here.  That's my bag.

Here is the stupid computer I kept checking to find out what I should do. 

So I sat and waited... then after most of the day the festival promoters me to go back to the hotel...  so I got some bonus days in Greece. 

they don’t have the right to scorn me
when they see me with you