I was flown to Greece and put up in a hotel in order to show Epicly Later'd episodes at a skate/music festival they have there called 7ply. 
The only thing I would have done differently was to have the shows subtitled into Greek, since most of the skaters don't speak English. 

On a side note: when the idea was pitched to do the Epicly Later'd DVD, one of the only things that sold me on it was that episodes were to be translated into
5 different languages, unfortunately that never happened. 

Anyway... the festival was awesome and I had a great time meeting all the skaters and seeing the bands.  Thank you Freddie from Vice Greece and Propaganda
for getting me out there and taking care of me. 


A Greek rap group played... and also Chicks on Speed

we drove to the sea on our day off

Freddie's dog

dream scooter

what they tell of the boy on a dolphin
who can say if it's true
should he rise from the depths of the ocean
any wish that you wish may come true