then we went way the hell to Palmdale for Herman's shoe party.

eye crimping; I was worried about what would happen if we hit a pot-hole

I want to try that

more primping

Bryan's pro shoe!

into the desert

a stop at Hometown Buffet; my vegetarian dish

"are you on the list?"  the door guy at the party was very strict

"I don't see your name on here, are you sure you're really friends with Bryan?"

the set up of the party was like a prom with no chaperones

Regan and Jetski

I loved how the kids were total awkward wall flowers

I felt like Taylor Mead

Matt and his bird

Bryan and Wayne Herman... Bryan used to tell us stories about how gangster his brother was;
"my brother is so gangster, one time I got a new bike and he rode it first" and "my brother is so
gangster, one time he got in a fight with his girlfriend and slept on the couch"

myself worming Spanky's chick

Mexico Leo

I remember this kid from the Baker tour a few years back, check here for cross reference.  Now he's like a total pile already.

Kevin is so old news right now...

the Herman's

careful, smoking stunts your growth

see how the little kids at the party were playing up their whole "little kid-ness" to cop feels

Speeches and toasts

Shane is on a whole toasting tour after speaking at Dustin's wedding... what it is

more of player Jimmy

bye Bryan!  Congrats on the shoe deal!  Don't forget us!

Eiffel Tower

Witches Broom

have I said too much, am I losing my touch?