I was like "Kevin, look, it's L.A. Dash"
and he was like "you mean, La Dash?" 
which became Le Dash...
but now we call him Mountain Man

Ben arrived in town! 
We went to the Cha Cha...

we were all just sitting on the road

Jason King!  I didn't recognize him at first... one time, along time ago, maybe 9 years, we went on a skateboard tour together.
It was him, Quy, Jason Rothmeyer, Joey Bast, John Trippe and Jason Dill. 
Jason King and I strolled down memory lane about how different Dill is now, like I remember he listened to Stevie Wonder
and we had to drive 45 minutes out of the way for a gear regret at a Tommy Hilfiger outlet store. 

Ako and Atiba hustling fools at Foosball

but then you see someone new
and you want someone new
so you have someone new
I don't blame you
we would all do the same as you if ever we had the chance to

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