Lila and Lulu

Brenda and Jennie

Mira, Jim, Brad and Doug as White Magic... they opened for Howling Hex with Neil Haggerty. 
Both bands were awesome. 

Annabel and Athena

Ryan and Liane

I randomly found a cut out that's almost like a flyer for Lit

Then I went to Lit even though I had the night off... saw Nina and Kate

two guys with beards kissing

dude reading at a party

my Peeping Tom pictures

i'm way into the Star Wars Lego video game now

saw Antwan in the pizza place by my house randomly


I told Tino he had Spiderman gear

You can't tell but this dog is the size of a horse

Tim wrecking people for Epiclylaterd TV... coming soon. 

dj'd with Tony Rodriguez

this is how he rolls

I snuck off to watch Will Oldham, Matt Sweeney, Jim White, Paul Oldham and Andrew WK play on Conan
as Bonnie "Prince" Billy... then came back to the bar.

Alex telling Justin a Sheffy story

Drew's in town!

and this is kinda totally gnar

the Etnies showroom has 100 kinds of water... weird

she is famous, she is funny
an engagement ring doesn't mean a thing
to a mind consumed by brass (money)