I got lucky and Vans flew me to NYC to blog about the Maloof Money Cup... last minute they bought me a plane ticket but said it was too late to get me a room
at the hotel cause everything was booked, so Robin was like "How about I get you cash instead of a room?"  Hell yes!  Then I rolled with the crew from the airport
 to the hotel anyway to save on cab fare.  Then it turns out a bunch of Vans skaters were staying other places, Dustin was staying in Flushing to avoid the temptations
of Ludlow st, Alex was staying with Gonz, and Gilbert Crockett missed his flight.  So I took Gilbert's room.  The funny thing was when Gilbert finally got to town,
he stayed somewhere else as well!  So I had my own room for 4 nights while the pro skaters were 3 to a room, plus I got cash... lucky breaks

Free shoes!

Pile room... this room was directly above my room so I definetly heard some crazy shit around sun up

crumb snatchers

Johnny, Anthony and Keegan


Olson out on the street

then I walked over to the Fish to see what I've been missing since I moved to LA.  But this weekend it was an invasion of Maloofers

Dustin can't avoid temptation, he just ended up spending way more on taxis

Is that the Zig Zag guy?

Chrome Ball

7 day weekend torture

I know I love you as much as I could ever love anyone,
yet I'm still gone