Its true in Casinos they make it so you have no idea what time it is.  This is from sometime around 3am friday night, but I could be way off

Fucked Up played song for song with Ted Leo in a battle of the bands.  I'm gonna say Fucked Up won.

Saturday the sign was changed

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.  Like a lot of bands playing, I saw them in the 90's and then not again till now

Perfume Genius.  I hadn't heard of them till the show, but they are a new favorite

then Cat Power!

Belle and Sebastian!  This was the most bands I like all in one festival that I have ever heard of... we were getting so sonicly spoiled



whenever I see Ryan a photo shoot ensues

ladies man

he made me a tape of Joy Division, he told there was a part of him missing
when I was sixteen, he jumped off a building