I passed Oliver on the street, he was in a dress! 

and randomly another guy passed in a dress.  What are the odds!

then Sopes tradish

also Happy Birthday Brad!

Everyday is like

Chloe dj'd! I got my revenge on her for all her torturous requesting every time I dj... she's always incessantly like "play
Free Money!" "play Angel Angel!" play "Hounds of Love!"  "play Troy" etc forever all night...  so I got to be like
"play It's So Easy!" etc...  well, actually that's a lie... I didn't request nothing.

"Oh no, I lost something!  Help me find it!"

"I found it!  My tooth!"  Don't put it back in till you wash it!

but can you see it's opposition
comes rising up sometimes
that it's dreadful and position
comes blacking in my mind?

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