Chloe and I parked the car and decided to walk up the hill in Griffith Park to see the observatory

it was going to be miles up hill

we saw a lizard

there it is... this is already after walking pretty far

this is looking back at some of the path

cool views

this is with the lens all the way zoomed in... still totally far

yea... cool sites!

past the smog is the ocean

then we got to the observatory and the stupid place was closed for renovation.  We were going to act out some James Dean fight scenes...

So we kept walking up the hill to see Dante's Peak... It was hella miles more up

this is the view from the top, we made it!  Only like 5 miles straight up hill

dirty shoes... we had nice hiking gear btw, when we left our houses we thought we were going to a movie

then we walked back down

Mrs Hollywood

on the high wire, dressed in a leotard
there wobbles one hell of a retard
on the escalator, we shit paracetamol
as the ridiculous world goes by