These are my pictures from the day we shot the Wavves' video for "Post Acid"

Kevin becoming Gleep Glorp

Wavves arrives!

Gleep Glorp lands

That's Ted Newsome, the director of photography, giving direction

Gleep Glorp is over 21!  In fact I think he's 500


Xochielt cameo

the final scene.... when Gleep Glorp goes back home

this made me laugh so hard  I cried. 

Anyway, the shoot was so much fun and I think the video turned out awesome!  We couldn't have done it without the enthusiasm of Wavves.   They were
the best actors.  We shot all day and very late into the night and they never got grumpy. 

I am proud of this video and I want to thank everyone that helped:

Director: Me
Art Director: Abby Portner
Director of Photography: Ted Newsome
Camera guys: Dan O'Sullivan, Richie Valdez
Stylist: Beth Houfek
NY footage: Kevin Hayden
Alien: Spanky
Make-out Girl: Xochielt
Clothing: Altamont

got no god, got no girlfriend