So I went to a welcome home party for Ryan McGinley's naked road trip.  In the lobby of the building there were all these Ansel Adams posters.
My two favorite photographers in one building!  haha

We got there before Ryan, I was expecting all the road trippers to come running in naked, Ryan shooting away on his T-4...
I was disappointed when they all arrived clothed. 


Cory had her romantic night with Braydon saved as the desktop on her phone. 

Jesse and Amy, two people I never see away from the office

Donald played a concert while Ryan gave him a backrub


then I left to go to skater night at Enids

Screwboo's in town

on fire

No, I will not do an episode about your skateboard collection

these dudes flew in from New York City

gettin freaky

Enid's goes off!  Maybe too much for my tastes. 

anybody can be good in the country. There are no temptations there.