at Cake Shop Gang Gang Dance played with an opening act named Rusty

they were so great tonight, the best I've ever seen, myself and everyone I talked to felt
as if their performace transported them to another place

Lizzo's lyrics

our boy band pictures

this was suppossed to look like he was kicking into the air real high, does it look real?

This is me in Fat Bill's trademark hat... Do you notice that the pupils of my eyes are
different sizes?  They are like that a lot, could be nothing or it could be:

Bleeding inside the skull caused by head injury
Brain tumor or abscess
Infection of membranes around the brain caused by meningitis or encephalitis
Expanding brain lesion such as an aneurysm
Excess pressure in one eye caused by glaucoma
Birth injury, tumor in the chest, or lymph-node pressure that may be accompanied by
decreased sweating on the side with a dilated pupil or drooping eyelid on the affected side

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