today we took the train to the beach

hoping to see some B's in the A...

not too many in the air

Nooters had some random gear, like four different guys combined

the rock was City Of God-like

that's me shooting out of the water like a great white shark

Manute passed out on the train and didn't wake up till the next day.  He's really into the hotel and doesn't like leaving it.
Remember when we went to the castle... did you notice that there was a lack of Manute?  He keeps doing that, tonight again...

but we met up with Joana and Tiago, two very nice people we were told to find

Tiago's band Looser played... they were VERY good.  They played noise style... a refreshing break from all the crappy techno they
listen to here.  

"Tino, look... I'm married to Desiree!!!"

"now I'm married to Desiree"

Duff'd smokes

Castle Greyskull

We tried to find Ben a BTM at Fragile... no luck...

Tino and I bromancing to keep the ewwyers away

thank you Tiago and Joana for your hospitality!

tagging with bark

if an end comes it is good to be
in the presence of a few
with a few friends is how it should be
when everything is through

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