whoa, there's a mural of Richard Avedon touching fingers with Reda, and Atiba and Manute

we vectored to a Sprite party... AKA the world's cheesiest party....

they had a half-pike, but I missed the hours of shred

you can't tell how later'd the party was from these photos 'cause we just made a circle of bro...  you could just sit there
like some people and go 'is this party fun?' or 'I'm not having fun' or you can just bring the fun. 

when you have lemons, make lemonade...

Shane (who I'm starting not to confuse with Bryan Herman) and Chima

Alex McCool

Lewis and ladyfriend

this dude Paul used to stay at my house in the mid ninties

you know Chris and Sean and that guy

I thought Amy looked like a news castor tonight... an anchor woman

Carrol brothers sighting

Mark was afraid I was going to put him in the do's and don'ts

the boyz in the hood... Lil Dusty and Stevie

then finally, the crazy rickshaw bike guy in front of the Fish

silly people run around, they worry me
and never ask me why they don’t get past my door.

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