Spring is here... the weekend was in the 60's

Sitting in the park is a must

I heard PJ robbed a bank and got away with it

later we saw Todd, Zered and RB skating down the street with the eye of the tiger, where were they going?
Brooklyn Banks, Astor Place, maybe some cool new spot I don't even know about?

Nope, frozen margaritas!

Tino, Manute and I were on our own skate mish

rooftop ramp session

before we go any further, check out Manute's socks! 

meanwhile Bobby was on the streets

shredding with Mike and Jack

then bro's found a 500lb Star of David on the street.  Chris guarded it for 3 hours saying 'it belongs
in a museum'... we think it was stolen from the collapsed synagogue, our theory is the thieves made it
a half block before they dropped it, cracking the stone, releasing a face-melting vapor. 

God gives them the stars to use as ladders
she hears their calls, she is mother and father

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