a typical in front of Autumn day

Alex has some new Lakai's, in stores this May

Kevin and I went to the Etnies ramp and shredded... see Justin, it was a skate trip. 

we visited Ben again at the cho-show, make sure to listen to this week's episode, it's really good.

Linda and Marc

Carrie and Jerry

then I dj'd at The Cock for the after party for Hanna's show

In case you couldn't guess by the name, it's a gay bar.  It's the same place the Hole used to be...

Jerry and Bill were totally there anyway... they were like "what are you doing here?!"

Hanna liked my pink sweater

the party ended at eleven and the bar went back to it's usual gayness, a dj in a tank-top took over and put the Christina
Aguilera back on, (as opposed to myself who dj'd in a pink sweater and James Dean t-shirt and played Kate Bush)


Then we went to Motor City which is like the new Max Fish, except it's close enough to the Fish that you can still go
there if you get seps anxiety.

Jerry all bummed as he gets sometimes

A-ron is so psyched on Alex's new found drinking.  It's Dollin's fault. 

They wait like cats and fly out
for the light in my eyes to die out
and it does...

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