today was a very special day... one of my favorite people and best friends got married!

Desiree and Tino Razo went to City Hall... they practically eloped.  They planned the whole wedding in two days, but that made it
even more magical.

here is the wedding menu

hmmm, the only unmarried Razo left... better pop the question soon

look at all this stuff about Tino...

there is a long history of love on this wall

whoa, Andre and Athena's is still up

no wedding bells for Leo

they got their paperwork in...

and then we had to wait around for awhile in the hall.
it sounds boring but it was so much fun, everyone was so excited

then we went into the chapel, and they stood before a very bored city worker and read their vows

and they are man and wife!

then we raced down ahead of them and set a trap... complete with a boom box playing their favorite song

and a jumping photo, is that a tradition?

then we had a reception dinner

with speeches

the dads

during this part there wasn't a dry eye in the room

I just noticed Tino's wedding shoes!

bouquet hustle

Eniko is next

and so is Chris

you are like a hurricane
there's calm in your eye.
and I'm gettin' blown away
to somewhere safer where the feeling stays.

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