what the hell is a Bamboozle?

Ooeli?  Isn't that the woman who owns Max Fish?

He told me that he got the second warmest jacket in the store


It was our Christmas Party after work, but before we left we had to sit through like a 4 hour speech about synergy and team building

goddd, so boring

luckly at dinner I got to sit at the darkman table away from all the stupid kids

Shane kept telling me how much he liked one of my friends, I think he was talking either about Tino or Ben Cho

"speak up kid-o I'm hard of hearing" says the ol' editor and chief

the guy you can't see on the right told me I was stuck up and that I think I'm better than everyone

he wears the finest clothes
the best designers, heaven knows
from his head down to his toes
Halston, Gucci, Fiorucci