got caught stealing

then we had the opening for the vice photo show... Here is my favorite photographer
Jaimie Warren in front of her photos

Here is Ryan McGinley with his interns... which reminds me, if anyone wants to intern for either Jerry Hsu
or myself hit me up... for Jerry you have to live in San Jose.
Think of us as a poor man's Ryan McGinley.... 

Thalia had me take this photo of her and Eric to please the Vodka sponsor

Kate Kate KATE! 

photographer Todd Fisher

Gavin blogging... check here for cross reference

Tanya Pann is also one of the photographers in the show, she lives in a squat house

Jerry is the star of the show... he has his own room which we called "Jerry Hsu- A Retrospective" which we thought was
kinda funny.

Simon Dj'd... we asked him to dj because he just got out of jail for stealing a photo from an opening...
ironic huh?  He had to leave early because of his curfew

Bruce Silverstein, the owner of the gallery and a girl that works there, forgot her name

this guy I think was trying to get himself into the "do's and don'ts"

Degraw also dj'd

Jaimie and Lou and everyone started dancing like crazy

Jaimie dances like a black woman

Amy was also blogging, cross reference

if you could stay on the wild kicking horse
I could handle your presence beside me
The dust is a must, so is doubting my trust
So is acting haphazardly