this was soundcheck at the MOMA.  Done a few days before the show.

I knew I would have to stand up there in a few days.  I get nervous just typing about it

Then I went and saw Hope Sandoval, who I love.  My biggest crush from the 90's. 

I even crushed out through the part where she told the sound guy he should have his head cut off and left the stage for 30min.  
She tore him a new one in such a sweet voice.   More info here.

then my sister and I got to go to the premier of Where The Wild Things Are... holy shit, I did not think I'd get to go to that!

Feds and Rick were there. 

Karen O is in this photo somewhere

wild things

Spike, Max and Maurice.  After this I forgot to take photos.  Even at the afterparty where I saw Tony Soprano. 

by staring into their yellow eyes without blinking once