I get up around seven, get outta bed around nine, and I don't worry about nothing no, cause worries are wasting my time

Shredding usually starts around seven, we get epic around nine...

Get in the van around eleven, sipping a coffee and feelin' fine.

This was the dude from a band that played at the first demo in Connecticut. 

Kids were moshing

It rained a little

This was the awsome Love Park type set up...

I walked over to the beach


We stopped at the party store... Weibs got a severed hand... I got a leather hat.  Party stores are awesome, someday I'm going to open one up.

Too bad the Epic Goblin came in and took my hat... whenever you lose something epic it was just the Epic Goblin that stole it... he brings everything to his Epic Cave. 

Jon Hoisington was on the scene at the Taunton demo.  Drinkin' and shreddin'  we had a bro skate sesh... tons of bro hammers.

I drove shotgun in Nick's IROK... those are some of his bro's in the background.  I don't care how rich I ever could get, I would pretty much only get this whip.

I'm gonna kick him on down the line