Hola Amigos, sorry it's been a long time since I rapped at you... but I've been later'd as all hell lately... dealing with the later'd lukewarms...

I got back to New York and went over to Meryl's... she's got this epic trick where she can play guitar over her head and hula-hoop at the same time!

She's playing a highly technical song as well... power stance!

Then I went to Max Fish and saw Sam Smyth and Brian Anderson on the scene.

Tino was rockin the vote for Pedro at the Bagel Zone... do you ever take that thing off any sweet jumps?

Manute and Logan at the Hat... the boys are back in town!
I thought I would have more time to bro in the city but Weibs was like "Tours tomorrow!"  fuckin dicks.

But Duff and Duff had time to bro... If Adler had arms I'm sure he'd be pointing drumsticks at us!

set your alarm clock