Ben called and was like "I have to do this photo of people wearing my clothes
for Paper and instead of models I want to use my friends in sort of a
New York Dolls kind of thing, do you want to be in it?"
Well I was hesitant because it involved wearing make-up and women's
clothes, but I figured it would be fun at least for website material.


Marc, Dash and Tim

Ryan, always taking photos... he's like "O.K. turn your head a little to the right..."

Leo, Waris and Adam

this douche was there for someone else's shoot... look he's got a Mortal Combat tat.


As Four was there too!

As Four had all these models changing clothes out in the air.... so we posted up
in a spot with a good view...

Here's where things start to get shocking!

Oh God! Please don't let this go on my permanent record!

the things we do for our friends!

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