Saturday was a busy night...

I went to ABC No Rio on Rivington which is like a squatter hard-core house
that reminded me of places I went in Columbus Ohio when I was in high school.

I saw this band called Wet Nurse that shredded.

Then Alanna and I went to a photo show at KCDC:

Chris Nieratko had some photos and his titling skills are amazing...
this photo was called "Yo, I saw your mom by the pool"
Jerry Hsu, Todd Jordan, and Jon Mehring were in the show as well.

Then I went to Mark Borthwick, one of my favorite photographers' house for a Downtown For Democracy
dinner party... it was very nice and very fancy and I felt a little out of place. 

Scott was on the mixer

During the dinner that Mark cooked we watched a film he made of Chan Marshall singing.  It was so great!

Then I went to Max Fish for a second...

Jake Rupp                                                                         Tosh Townend

Then to Hole for the "last night for reals this time" night.

then, like another thing... Lit, where Ben and Leon DJ....  here's Ryan, Leon, and Matt.


..and Jerry Hsu's in town!  Maybe I can get him to finish the second half of his gallery

and Jordan and Bad News...

I heard that if you don't go to 6 parties in one night you are a complete loser and
should kill yourself....   just kidding. 

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