TThe day started off this a field trip to Ruca, I took a free poka-dotted swiming suit... some dude there was trying to later me for my gay looking choice... but I only swim like once a year.
This is Jimmy looking like he's working really hard but he's really just looking at this
Leo was on the scene too!
So then we headed over to Erik and Luciana's house for Luciana's Birthday party.  Shane Heyl was up there steady crushin. What it is!
Flip was flippin' chicken!
Brian Michaud
That Hansel is so hot right now.... oh wait, that's Austin.  Sorry... I'm acting messed up towards you.  
Luciana and the Brazilians dancing...
Happy Birthday Luci! 
B e a g l e   y o u 'r e   w a s t e d . . . d o n 't   d r i v e . . .