This is my new broseph Max.  He replaces Sunny now that he has been adopted by a friend of mine (hopefully we will have some photos of him in his new home soon)
Max is an Australian Shepherd (mix) with a Blue Merle coat... (maybe I should change his name to Merle after Merle Haggard?)

Max is a stray from Ohio.  Actually, I don't know his whole story, but he is very loving, although somewhat nervous.

You can see by his skinny butt that he needs to eat some food.  Its actually crazy how skinny he is.  His hip bones stick out so much.   I'm trying to fatten him up. 
He is not food aggressive at all btw, I tested him.

We were watching the convention last night

look how long and slender... soon he'll be a fatty

Max here is one of the sweetest dogs in the world.  After having him for only a day we have already become very close.  I have taken him to the dog park twice,
but he's still pretty scared of other dogs, he likes to hide behind me.  I'm trying to get him used to that.  Right now as I type this, his head is on my arm! 
He follows me around the house and likes to lay next to me at all times.  It was hard to even take a picture of him because he wouldn't get far enough away!
I have the feeling he hasn't had much love before today, given his fears and how thin he is and that when I said "no!" to him he kind of got skittish. 
I also haven't heard him bark yet. 

So anyway,  Mr Max here needs a permanent home, if you would like to meet him or have questions e-mail: bethhoufek(a)
(that is my friend Beth who is in charge of the dog adopting)  or you can e-mail me: patrick(a)

also, check out the biker gang I am gonna try to pledge for