Dudes, sorry it's been so long since I added stuff.  I had to go back to LA just to get my camera back.  Pretty boring... I stayed with Justin, Beth and Spanky...  Me and Spanky went over to Andrews....
This is his dog Kickflip...
...and his other dog Simon.
and this is where the gear crisises happen!
and then we went to the Beauty Bar to watch the shock parade...
I hate to be an LA hater but seriously, ya'lls LA people need to
pull it together, I'm just shocked (not Drew and Spanky of coarse, I mean like just random LA shockers). 
This is Drew and Christiania, she's putting my nine month homie in her drink, what a hater! 
Jimmy's around!
Jeff Kool Kutter is on the scene too...
Erica has a chip tattoo'd on her shoulder!
so this other time in LA, we drove to skate in Andrew's new car... It's got a TV in the back, and Braydon thinks we're doing him a favor by giving him shotgun!
The whole way to Victorville we watched the Simpsons in the back... we also watched some Morrissey videos... especially the one where he plays harmonica with a chocolate bar and has a band-aid on his nipple (November Spawned a Monster)...  and I wonder why some people don't like Moz!
This is a hubba that Donny from Pharmacy Skateshop built in his backyard, now that you know it's built for skating when you watch 411 you can tell your friends "That's not street skating! That's like a fake hubba!" 
Spanky went to France for a week and came back wearing only new levels French gear... he said he tried to buy a beret the whole time he was there and no one had them... in all of France nobody sold berets! Well... you learn something new every day!
then to New York! (page two dumbfucks!)