Manute came to the airport to pick up an epic girl that was gonna visit him from England, she flaked out and ended up getting me instead... he somehow managed to drive and kick rocks at the same time!
Upon arriving at Max Fish, I was greeted by a puking Remy Stratton. 
Dill came up to me and I thought he said "gained twenty!"
and I said "oh wow... results!"
and then he was like "No, day twenty!" 
and I said "Oh good for you man! Stick with it!"
and he was like "Yeah, I've worn this shirt twenty days in a row!"

Jason Dill... becoming more of a scumbag; one day at a time. 
Pj and his new girlfriend or something... 
that's it dudes... you leave town thinking you're going to miss something, but it's the same shit, night after night.