The bro's piled into the back of Dan Pensyl's truck to go skate Brooklyn
Jerry or Prince?
Weibs started this epic new band called Demassek, but don't worry we're still doing our band Sexual Preditor!
These are the DVD's we watched at the dipset...? The AC/DC one is epic! The GNR one is later'd only because it's like watching a loved one slowly die of cancer.  But The Stoned Age is the most epic movie of all time! 
This is my favorite part of The Stoned Age when Joe goes to the BOC show and they shine the laser on him and he sees the gnarly eyeball...
Ted tries out the Demassek beer cozy!
Weibs is fanning out on Duff and not the boobies, I swear!
This is the face Ben makes right after telling a bad joke...
Meryl too!
Cockfighter and Carol
These dudes are in town!
These are my new kicks... I wanted to make them like the Axl Converse shoes but Duff instead... Logan drew them on there but Spanky noticed that there was already a shoe company called "Duffs" and later'd me... but still, I got Duff-wise shoes!
This is what happens when I go to the ATM...
Game Over...