Here are some random photos from the trip so far!
Robin giving the kid Spanky some booze
Da Boyz.... Spanky, are you smoking?!
Midnight snack at the gas station
K-lo and the bus driver Jimmy... Jimmy once bought a $14,000 tractor off Garth Brooks for 2 tacos from Taco Bell.
Erik and Andrew
Kevin and his weird briefcase
Bryan is drinkin a Bud, Braydon a Michelob and Kevin Faggit Ice...
This is the view looking out from my little bunk... Kevin and Erik were yelling at me to wake up! "Rydell... get the fuck up!"

Erik calls me Rydell cause I was watching The Lord Of The Rings the first day of the trip and he thought Gandalf's name was Randalf, so he mixed Randalf and O'Dell to get Rydell... 
Herman getting later'dly later'd
The road is fuckin' hard... it's also really fuckin' tough...
get me off