teenage Meryl

Dash at the Free Simon (or raise money so he can do stuff in jail or something) Party

Moments like this never last

Meryl and the twins

So here is where the class trip to Dill and PJ's house begins... this was to show
the students "Look, you can be one of the best skaters in the world, or you can
be an actor on like award winning HBO shows or whatever... but you are still
basicly going to be a fucking scumbag.  Students remember, hang up the skateboard,
forget being an actor... just stay in school and learn how to add numbers or something."

Here we have the Kitchen... Gonz went a little crazy one night.

PJ pointing to a drawing of himself

"no road no trubual" by Mark Gonzales

Dill's bedroom door... there is a unicorn in the mix

Dill's bed

PJ's bedroom door

Pj's room... everyone was like "look!  he's such a neat freak! HAHA!"
...yeah a regular Martha Stewart in there. 

Oh boys!