We drove from New Yrok to Sayerville New Jersey. 
This is Chris Neiratko's skateshop, looks like a dentist's office or something.

these dudes are in town!  They all look at this website... stop, it's private. 

Justin and Trevor from Emerica are here too!  Justin was mad at me for wearing
 ES Koston shoes.  I can't help it if lukewarms keep stealing my Ellingtons from Autumn...
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Chris took us to one of those clubs where you can't take pictures... sucks for you
epic for me!  It was BYOB as well.

While we were there we noticed Manburnt and Clark never came in.
Later we asked Clark where he had been and he was like "we were down
by the freeway and we found portals"  Clark finds portals all the time I guess

Caswel dared himself to eat some random french fries that were on the ground

and he did it!

Chrissy in the van.  Happy Birthday!  The girls were giving her birthday table dances...

We ended the night at the most torturous White Castle drive through.
It took like an hour, but they ordered like 60 burgers.

 Closer comes the screaming knife
 This beautiful creature must die