We arrived in Philly and found Mike Nalls at Nocturnal.  There's Tony Montgomery!

This is from the parking garage at the hotel.

You might think we are piles because of all the drinking photos but this it what it's
like 90% of the time.

We skated FDR in the morning, which by morning I mean 1:00PM

Jessie Erickson was on hand looking like Neptune

Jai Tanju and his cameras.

Rocky Sore

Jerry keeps borrowing my camera to take pictures of dumb stuff... like his ugly feet.

Oh epic... Brian Dale!

Here's is a thing Mike and Brian built... they called it the world's largest parking block.

another Jerry Hsu photo on my camera

and a Jerry Hsu skate photo... I don't think he landed this one.

dude dude dude