So we met Nalls at Tattoo Mom's because it was the only bar I knew how to get to.
I think they ship Nor-Cal Barneys in.  The place reminds me of The Caravan in
San jose or Sweetwater in Brooklyn.  

there's Pete Eldridge

We went to some other bar that had epic music... i don't know what it was called.

Then I went back to the hotel and went to sleep...

In the middle of the night the hotel's fire alarm went off.  It was this calm voice saying
"Please proceed to the stairs..."  we had to evacuate the hotel...

I didn't feel like going, I knew it was a false alarm,  but I thought of the Titanic and
I didn't want to die out of laziness. 

6:30AM on the street

Had it been a real fire, Jose Rojo and Tony Rodriguez would be dead...