this page is extra long... sorry if you have a slow connectsh.  Myself and the Nor-Cal Barneys
drove through the part of the world known as "Up State"

Somebody (Caswell) put a dead bird under our windsheid wiper, "Did we just get later'd?"

In me and Jerry's hotel room we found a used condom under the nightstand... eeewwww!

We went to a spot called "the Whoop"  

Marc Johnson, back smith... epiclylaterd exclusive!

Then we went to this epic pool in the woods...  I asked a local if it had a name and it didn't really.  Here are some
suggestions:  "The Blood Bowl" "The Suicide Pit" "The Dipset" "Slash's Snakepit" "Adler's Appetite"
"The Wack Shack" "Serated Gnarlyness" "Dino's Bar and Grill" "The Epic Goblin's Epic Cave" or
"The Bowl That Has Spraypainted Teeth In It" 

bros were shredding, but I shot all the photos on film, you'll have to look in Thrasher for those.

A dude at a bar was fanning out on Jason super hard, he was like "you're Jason Adams!  You're a cop killer!"
Whatever that means...  we call him Cop Killer now.

Jason, Louie and TM Tony

Same dudes, different spot

   I went over and asked the waitress for water and she replied:
 "I put a whole pitcher next to that annoying kid in the red shirt"

Don't waste that food!  Think of all of Jerry's starving relatives... 

I get back to NYC tomorrow night!  (Friday)  Anyone want to party?  Max Fish most likely... duh