Oh god... the TFL in NYC... 

Demassek team photo

Davey Rogers wrecking shop... I got invited to a house party but I was like
"there is no way I'm bringing these dudes to a friend's house"

Jordan in old lady gear and Ryan... Happy Birthday Ryan!

Ted Newsome drinking beer out of his hand. 

Dan kicking the bros out...  they were shredding too hard for comfort. 

Ryan air-skataring

Logan ate shit drunk skateboarding... some jock was standing near by
like "learn to skate dude! You suck!"

This is like a "do"  like next time you trip and fall, just play it off by guitaring

Epic'ing so hard random people were getting photos with the boys.

It looks like they can't go back to the fish for awhile

If you think peace is a common goal... that goes to show how little you know

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