Kevin Spanky Long is back!!!  Here pictured with a cool beverage from The Hat... 
This is Georgie.
Chris Nigertaco is going to be the director of a black dating show on BET... this is not a joke.
Justin and Tino... I'm so glad summer is here... I never even went into a bar... we just lurked out front on the streets.
Nick and Freddie are "hair-hiders" they are always wearing beanies... even on hot days like today... I'm glad they set those locks free for the night!
Harold had a hoagie! I can never get enough of this guy. 
Georgie's bike "Bykle J Fox"
Bridgette is total torture!  I had her pose and Jon Minor creeped in!
Bridgette and filmer Bob Costa's asses! 
I do believe I've had enough