We went back to the skatespot in the Jewish part of Brooklyn... We noticed we stuck out like sore thumbs, so Nick tried his best to blend in. 
K-Lo shredding
Leo on the set
Justin making dark moves on the phone.  This is the evil side of skateboarding... the darkmen making money off the kids breaking themselves... he doesn't even care if they get hurt, he'll just find some new ones willing to fill those shoes....
Gonz was laying in the street, he almost got ran over.  He was being new levels burnt. 
Max Fish was in a shocking state of broverload...  all these skate kids were out front trying to get in, they we're like "yo can you get me in?"  It was like a scene out of The Stoned Age.  Inside it was even worse....
Mark screaming in Juliana's ear!  I would have never thought that in all my years of being a skate fan that I'd think "I wish Mark Gonzales would get the hell away from me,"  He was being totally epicly later'd
Happy Birthday Trilby!  A couple years ago I called her on her 18th birthday, and she was like "that was so nice of you to call!"  But my intentions were obviously impure... like "Trilby's legal!  Holy Shit!"
Tall Dan and lil' Kevin
Bob kickin' it!
Freddy chillin'!
Lucy and Manute's arm defending Lucy's stoop.  I guess steping in puke and piss everynight is the downside of living next to the Fish
The bro's were shreddding... It was 5:30 at this point but nobody could move... I was like babysitting on the street... If it was up to Bob and Freddy they would have slept in the gutter, but I made them get in a cab.
If you hang out at the barbershop you're going to get a haircut...