This is Bobby Danger... he just sat down at out table in boston and was like "is this my beer?" and grabbed a drink and started drinking it. Nobody had any idea where he came from but we bought him dinner anyway. 
T.F.L's Schmitty came out to visit...
This is Bobby Worrest! 
Andrew getting sloshed!!!!!
Erik is a true athlete!
Headbangers Ball!
Erik threw a chair into the wall from the other side...
...and broke the table!
and we drove into New Jersy
to Chris Nieratko's NJ Skateshop
Vinnie Raffa was bro'in
There dudes were like Epicly Later'd fans!  They knew about this web site, which is cray-jo. 
this guy was special to say the least... I think he was mildly retarded... he wanted to lick the toilet seat of the bus and was freaking out on all the pro skaters... he asked me if I'd shoot a photo of him doing a frontside flip into the bowl, which I didn't think he could do...
...but he ended up landing it!!  You can't tell by this photo but he did it really good too! This is seriously a good trick! 
Manute Bol and Chad W Rose came and picked me up from the skatepark and we drove back to the city. I ended up having an epicly later'd night, it was Marc Razo's birthday!  That is going to be the next post after this one!