Ryan and I drove to Philly to see Morrissey... Morrissey is obviously a "love him or
hate him" type singer.  As you can tell I'm in the 'love him' camp.
If you are a Moz hater, you can hit "back" on the browser, because my fan-outs
may creep you out. 

Holland Tunnel traffic

Ryan drove us in his epic red van

the TFL Truck

We got pretty lost on the drive... we were wandering around the ghettos
of Philadelphia.  I was panicking that we were going to miss some of the show.

But we made it!  Our seats were kinda shitty, but right when the lights went down
we rushed the stage.  So we ended up right in front... pretty gangster. 

When Morrissey came out I was pretty much shitting... I was jumping up and
down without even realizing.  It was so amazing!

We weren't supposed be taking to take photos, a security guard saw me and
threatened to take my camera.  He took Ryan's film...
we had to hide the cameras in our pants to even get them through the search at the door. 

Here is Ryan rushing the stage to hug Morrissey!  They took him off the stage, but he was right next to me again
after a couple minutes.  As you may know fans getting on stage to hug Morrissey is a tradition. 

This girl was crying after the show

Anyway... Thank you Ryan for the tickets and good times!  Now my heart if full...

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