Hey ya'lls... I was looking so forward to spending some time in New York not doing anything, but I am already bored.  I'm now trying to rig up some skateboard tours.  I could go to Europe with Suski, Senn, Spanky, Herman and Justin Regan, but that depends on Thrasher buying my plane ticket. I don't think they will, the cheap bastards, but at least it looks like I am trying.  So instead I may go to Ohio friday for my friend Bocce Balls's wedding.  Ohio or Prague?
I'm starting to feel like David Brent. 

Suroosh and Craig

Terry and Matt

It started raining so we went to the movies! Pictured here is Manute, my empty seat, Cindy, Lesley, Athena, Tino, Sean and Alana... not pictured is Meryl, Dash, Andre, Lance, and some other dudes.  We saw Anchorman which was epic.  Jack Black said 'broseph.'  Not to totally name drop, but me and Spanky met Jack Black a few weeks ago and he called me Kurt Cobain! Oh and I talked to Duff one time... okay, I'm done.  Sorry.

Where do we go... where do we go now...

Tino got finger'd too!  Oh and don't look at his sweatshirt 'cause it's Manute's.  He doesn't want it to be known as Tino's gear. . 

the rain makes it okay to sleep all day