So Degraw asked me to DJ Smiths night because he was going on a
trip with his band; Ben and Leo are in Hawaii;  Ryan is in SF to see Moz,
Oliver is working on a film or something...

Problem was, I've never DJ'd before and I don't have any records. 

Luckily Amy was available to teach me yet another useful skill.
She was the one who showed me how to use the interweb, and
now I'm learning an equally stoops trade I like to call
"picking out songs." 

I brought my I-pod and my lab-top...  is it 'lab top' or 'lap top?'

to nerds it's basically like calling a 'half-pipe' a 'half-pike'


Once I got the hang of it I shredded!  I picked out some awesome
songs like "there is a light that never goes out" and "this charming man"
...oh wait, that's what you're supposed to play at a Smiths night...

But it worked out good! Everyone was dancing all night!

Except these dudes!  Pops, Mavadon, and Fat William were stealing
red wine or something and got themselves kicked out!

It was Jagger's going away party... check out his awesome set up! It says "don't try"  

I DJ'ed for 6 hours in a row... don't tell Brian or Ben but at 4:00AM I dropped all the
dour music and played "The Boys Are Back In Town" (which is the bro'est song ever
written), then I went to the dance floor and took a bunch of photos real fast.
This was like the closing credits while the bouncer tried to usher us out. 

Tino is meryl-guitaring

I got a bunch of drink tickets which I gave out. 
Manute was ripping his tickets in half and using them twice...  he thought that was
how you were supposed to do it, and other than the bartenders giving him weird looks
they went for it!

                                                                                                                       ewww who farted?

Mustache rides!  Sorry, I'm getting crude, but sometimes these pictures just caption

...and the music that they constantly play... it says nothing to me about my life

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