this is it... i promise...

Tim, Meryl and I went to Radio City to see Mozzer

You may be sick of Pope of Mope, but I know you aren't sick of Merks

Merks and the Razos.

afterwards at Lit... the Early Man boys were shredding. 

dance seshwon

day 2:

Ryan after getting to go to Morrissey's dressing room and take photos of him...
He was shook up.  Ryan as a photographer has arrived now.   What else could he do?

Ryan then capped the night by proposing to his long time GF... 
Best of luck Ryan and Amy McGinley!

Gang Gang Dance was supposed to play but the cops broke it up.

Then this other time since I last updated... I went to Karaoke for a party for
Lesley...  Here's Gavin laying the hammer down... I guess he has a website
photo log thing, but I can't find it.  I think it's super secret and requires a password

You're the one for me fatty Bill. 

all my favorite suedheads

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