Jason Schmale, Micheal Sieben and an apple pipe.  We were driving to the Asbury Pool

Kids at Dodge Skatepark in Columbus Ohio on the 4th of July.

Mat O'Brien and his homemade tattoo

Dustin Dollin in Australia

Phil Shao (RIP) doing a massive frontside air at Dodge skatepark.

Sloppy Sam drinking keg beer at Ft. Miley in San Francisco

two friends with skate tattoos

Ryan Wilburn in Crested Butte Colorado

Scott Bourne and his "crack board"

Scott Bourne doing a wallride at the Mission Banks

Sloppy Sam and a girl in my parent's basement

Tino Razo in Maryland- Jake Rupp's farm.

Zainsville Ohio

Zered Bassett in Tampa Florida

blood in my bathroom

Brian Herman drinking beer and watching porn in Lyon France

Cairo Foster in San Francisco

Caswell Berry and his contest winnings in Lausanne Switzerland

Chaz McGee frontside air at the Middleton skatepark in Ohio

this is photograph suicide