dudes, sorry for not adding anything for such a long time... I was in LA staying with Justin, Bethany and Spanky. 

Justin and Spanky went to Paris on a skateboard tour and Beth went to New York leaving me at their house all by myself.  I had a key to the place, but I walked outside without it locking myself out.  I had to fly back to New York that day and I just left without any of my things... my phone, cameras, computer and clothes. 
...you know, all my vices. 

Virtual Pat is dead!
I went to the ATM and it was cleaned out as usual... in a moment of desperation I stole all of Spanky's skateboards that happened to be on the porch.  I figured I could raise some money with those.... sorry Kevin, ya'lls gonna be mad at me!

Jimmy the driver drove me to the Long Beach airport and I gave him a skateboard as payment... Jimmy the Driver skates so he didn't mind. 

I flew an overnight flight to JFK and took the train to my home... I got to my door some time after dawn with out sleep but my roomate Sean is such a pile he didn't hear the buzzing... Then me and Spanky's boards made our way over to Chateau Merks... but she didn't let me in either...

I sat on the curb feeling broke and tired and bummed...
Finally Sean let me in... and I slept all day. 
I've been back in town a week with no digital camera so I have nothing to add. 
I might add some old shit... 

If you see anyone skating a  Baker board at the TF, that's where I got my cigarette and coffee money... I'd like to thank Dave at Autumn for selling them on my behalf!

Shit... whatever... who cares?  I saw Duff and Slash's new band and it was awesome!  they played some epic GNR tracks... "It's so Easy" "Mr. Brownstone" and "Used to Lover her"  they played "One in a Million" too....

...just kidding!

whatevs I feel gay writing this stuff....  gay gay gay

I'm going back to LA next week and I'm going to get my camera, so if you care there will be more shit to look at soon...
thanks for nothing dickbreath!